Are Hand Meat Grinders Any Good?

Grinding meat is an important task especially when you are passionate about eating different meat dishes regularly.

But if you are still debating whether you should use electric or hand meat grinders, you should read this short guide that will tell you whether you should go for hand meat grinders or not.

Without further ado, let’s get started.


  • It is good to have control of what you eat and how you make it. With a manual one, you can choose various blade sizes to attain the custom grinding features. Big chunks of meat seem very tasty when you want to cook burgers, and so on.
  • They are much cheaper than electric grinders. The prices of electric grinders start from $100 while you can get the hand grinder at $25-$35. So if you are tight on budget and cannot afford the electric grinder, then you should immediately buy one for your grinding needs.
  • The size of this type of product is much smaller as compared to the larger electrical one. Thus, the manual route is the best option for small kitchens. People with limited kitchen space often go for this kind of product.
  • You do not have to worry about any electric costs while using this.


  • It needs physical effort to grind the meat. Using the muscles is not limited to grinding but you will also need to twist your body while feeding the raw material through the grinder.
  • If your kitchen is very decorative or has soft edges, you should not be using it in the kitchen. Instead, you should find a rigid place to grind the meat.
  • A hand meat grinder is not much efficient and is much slower than an electric grinder. It is due to this reason you have to spend more time grinding the meat as compared to the electric one.
  • You cannot insert a big batch of raw material at a time, as this process is manual and you have to proceed with the grinding process step-by-step.

They Are Good When You Do Not Grind So Often

Both kinds of grinders have advantages and disadvantages, but we recommend you to use hand meat grinders for the occasional use. Not everyone wants to crack the muscles daily to grind the raw material, so it is not a good option for butchers, professional cooks, and meat sellers.

Grinders are the advanced and modern versions of meat grinders, and you should take the benefit of technology.

The Final Decision Is Up To Your Preferences

You know what you are buying a meat grinder for, so you can decide which one can be the right option for you.

If you only need to grind the raw material occasionally or are tight on money, then a manual grinder can be the best choice. Its low price tag makes it suitable for rare usage.

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