Best Sausage Stuffer Reviews: Full Comparison of Top Brands

You know what?

If you are the type of person who often eats sausages, then a stuffer (electric or manual) will be your best partner.

However, choosing a machine like that isn’t easy because there so many types on the market.

Therefore, in order to help you choose the right product, we have made this list of the best sausage stuffer chosen by customers.

Let’s take a look at them below and read the reviews.

I’m sure they will help you out greatly.

Best Sausage Stuffers – Quick Comparison


Why Would You Need One?

Before making your final decision, you should show the reasons why a sausage maker is needed.

So, here are some great benefits that a stuffing machine brings to you:

  • Improve the taste
  • Can create a good shape
  • Avoid preservatives, fat, and many harmful chemicals
  • Saving time to make large quantities
  • Require no hand skill or techniques
  • Save you money from buying from the supermarkets

On the other hand, stuffing sausages can be a good activity for all members of your family. Isn’t it great to spend the weekend making sausages together?

Reviews of the Best Stuffers


Alright! The first product on our list is a model made by the brand Master Feng. An impressive point of this machine is its ease of operating. So, how does this device work?

When testing this product, we found out that its piston is made of silicon to prevent the meat from getting stuck. Due to this reason, you are able to stuff the sausages smoothly and easily.

In addition, the Master Feng company gives you four filling nozzles in different diameters (14, 18, 21, and 25 mm). With all these nozzle size options, filling the ground meat into the casings is now a piece of cake!

After you have complete making sausages, you can also easily put this machine in storage. Because this product has a compact style, it will save a lot of space in your kitchen.

On the downside, the instruction of this bratwurst maker is not so clear. So if you are new to this type of machine, you may need to spend a little time to know how to run this device.


  • Ease for using
  • Four nozzles for filling sausages
  • Compact style


  • Unclear instruction


ROVSUN 7LBS/3L Vertical Stuffer
  • TOP QUALITY: All Stainless Steel Frame, Base Plate, Cylinder, Stuffing...
  • WELL-DESIGNED: User-friendly design hand crank is easier to operate,...
  • EASY OPERATION: An user guide was provided making the process simple....

Moving on to the second product, we want you to meet this impressive stuffer.

We have to say that the ROVSUN really cares about the health of its customers. By using stainless steel to build the device, the machine has passed the SGS test of food hygiene in order to make sure for you about an output of fresh and clean sausages!

On another side, we also appreciate the long-lasting of this banger stuffer. Because the machine is built of 100% non-rusting steel, you are able to store it anywhere in the kitchen.

Additionally, the product comes along with four different tube sizes, which are 16 mm, 22 mm, 32 mm, and 38 mm in diameter. Therefore, you can stuff your sausages into any shape that you desire to.

Regarding the operation and quality, we have nothing to complain about. However, we wish that the shape of this machine can be better. As the stuffer has so many sharp edges, it may hurt you while working.


  • No rusting
  • Making fresh and clean sausages
  • Four different tubes sizes


  • Sharp edges
  • Heavyweight

#3: Weston Manual Vertical Stuffer

Weston Manual Vertical Stuffer
  • Craft a variety of fresh sausage links ranging in size from snack...
  • Upright stainless steel canister with a 7 lb capacity
  • Coated stainless steel housing with rubber feet for added stability

In the middle of our list, we have this model that is made by the Weston company. If you are looking for a machine to load large quantities of meat, then this product is surely the one!

With dual-speed heavy-duty non-rusting steel gears, the machine can press much meat into the casings quickly. And when you can not catch up with this super speed, you just need to use the release valve control. This equipment allows you to control the flow of the meat in order to stuff the best bangers.

After you have done your work, probably cleaning is the most terrible thing to do, right? But don’t worry too much because this maker allows you to uninstall and clean it easily. In fact, the instruction is so easy to read and understand. Follow it, and you will get no difficulty in disassembling and assembling the machine.

However, this machine is so big that it may not fit some low-profile kitchen. Due to this reason, we only recommend this product if you have a large space in your house.


  • Non-rusting steel gears
  • Pressing meat in casings quickly
  • Ease for disassembling and cleaning


  • Its big size may not fit small kitchens

#4: LEM Products 1606

- 21%
LEM Products 1606
  • Cylinder holds 5 Pounds of meat; Cylinder removes easily to fill and...
  • Hardened steel gears with a protective gear box; Stainless steel base...
  • Includes (Two) clamps to secure unit to counter top

Up next, we share with you the 1606 5-Pound model of the brand LEM.

Designed with a big cylinder, this machine can hold up large quantities of meat that comp up to 5 LBS! After measuring this cylinder, we found out that it is 8 + 1/4 inches high and 5 + 1/2 inches wide in diameter. As you can see, holding 5 LBS of meat with this size is just an easy case!

Besides functioning so well, this product also impresses the customers because of its high quality. As the machine gears are made of stainless carbon steel, they will be able to prevent themselves from wearing, slipping, and rusting.

Moreover, the product includes a gearbox. So if you are not assured enough of the gear long-lasting, you can use this box to protect it. Now, you have no concern about this machine’s durability anymore, right?

Also, the manufacturers give you three different nozzles sizes. Thus, you can stuff the meat into any shape from the smallest to the biggest with ease! So convenient, isn’t it?

At the very beginning, we have told you about how the steel gears impress us. But in contrast to them, the piston and the nozzles made of plastic. Although they don’t create bad effects on your food, it would still be better when they are made of metal materials. Anyway, metal and steel always make more assurance about durability, right?


  • Durable steel gears
  • Three nozzles in different sizes
  • Ease to use


  • Plastic piston and nozzles

#5: Happybuy

Happybuy Manual Sausage Filler
  • Food Grade Material: Our sausage stuffer consists of a whole sturdy...
  • Fast/Slow Speed Mode: Two optional speeds for you to choose: Fast...
  • Multi Filling Tubes: Comes with five stainless steel stuffing tubes...

Last but not least, we want to make a review of the Happybuy Filler. Having a large capacity that comes up to 15L, this device is ideal for filling a huge amount of meat at a single time.

It is noticeable that the dimension of the machine is 14.4 x 12.8 x 29.5 inches. With a super big size like that, no wonder why the machine can process the meat so well.

Another special point that we can’t help mentioning about this item is its two-speed modes. More specifically, you can either choose the “Fast” mode or “Slow” mode to modify the flowing speed of the machine. Thanks to this feature, you can be able to stuff the meat in the most beautiful shape.

In addition, this product impresses by its high versatility. As this stuffer is capable of making sausages, bratwursts, hot dogs, hot links, and more, it can work well for both personal uses and commercial purposes.

Just like the second product on our list, this appliance has a lot of sharp edges. Therefore, make sure that you handle this device carefully. Otherwise, those edges may cut your hands.


  • Two-speed modes
  • High versatility
  • Large capacity (15L)


  • Sharp edges

How to Buy

best sausage stuffer reviews

In order to make the list above, we have to test many sausage makers. Also, we have drawn some experiences to choose the right product and want to share them with you!


Depending on your purposes, you will find a suitable machine capacity. To put in an example, if you need a sausage maker for the restaurant or organizing a grill party, a large capacity device will serve you well. On the other hand, a mid or low-profile sausage maker will be suitable for home uses.

Manual or electric

While choosing, you should check out if the machine is manual or electric operated.

Using a manually operated machine, you can control the flow of the meat easily. But you will need a lot of effort to do the work.

On the other side, an electric device will stuff the sausages for you automatically. As usual, this type of machine is suitable to work for commercial purposes because it can process large quantities of meat at the same time.


Another thing you should notice when buying a sausage filler is its material. Of course, no one wants to buy a machine that can not last long, right?

Commonly, a good sausage maker should be made of stainless steel or metal, so that it can prevent itself from tearing and rusting. However, this type of device usually has many sharp edges. Thus, you have to be really careful when handling the machine.


What is the best sausage stuffer?

Our top 5 products on our list are all good for you to get. But overall, we recommend you get the one from MASTER FENG. Because this product is both versatile and easy to use, it can support both home uses and commercial purposes.

Do I require a sausage filler?

Typically, a meat grinder already comes along with some sausage stuffing capacity. So many people may think that buying a meat grinder would be a better deal. However, they have wrong. In fact, there are many reasons why you should buy a high-quality product.

As you have known, meat grinders are commonly used for grinding meat. Therefore, they can not load ground meat into sausages well, as the stuffer can do.

Usually, a high-quality option will have some features like:

  • Allowing you to manage the sausage casing
  • Stuffing many sausages at the same time
  • Making large sizes of sausages

So if you are the type of person who often eats sausages, we advise you to pay some money for a dedicated sausage maker other than a meat compressor.

Is a sausage maker expensive to buy?

There are many different types of sausage maker on the market. Each one has a specific price. However, just with a small amount of money, you can already have for yourself a high-quality sausage maker. For a reasonable price, we would say that 50 – 100 dollars are enough.

How do you stuff sausages by hand?

It is really easy to stuff sausages by hand. Following our steps below, you are able to make this delicious food.

  • Prepare marinated ground meat with spices
  • Shape the meat into small balls
  • Open the sausage casing
  • Put the meatballs carefully into the sausage casing until it is full
  • Wrap it up

How is sausage casing made?

Typically, a banger casing is made from the submucosa of a tiny intestine.

In order to make sausage casings, the people often flush, scrape, and clean the intestines with salt and warm water. And then slide them into a sausage shape.


Our article has come to an end! Have our five machines impressed you?

To be honest, these sausage fillers are the hottest products in the nowadays market. Just try using them, and you will definitely be satisfied with the results!

If you like our best sausage stuffer reviews, please share them with your friends. We always want to help people to choose the right product. With your support, our wish will have a chance to come true!

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