Blendtec 575 Classic Blender Review

You know what?

When you go through any list of the top blenders out there, you’ll probably find a Blendtec model inside.

The brand is known for its great marketing campaigns that showcase the power of their machines.

These blenders tend to cost a bit more than other models.

But they pack such a punch that you’ll have a pretty hard time finding someone who’d say they aren’t worth it.

And today, we’ll take a deep dive into one of these Blendtec models to find out all the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Read on to find out more about this incredible machine in this Blendtec Classic 575 review.

Let’s dive right in.

- 49%
Blendtec Classic 575 Blender - WildSide+ Jar (90 oz) -...
  • Elevate Your Blending Experience: High quality blender for smoothies,...
  • No Chopping Prep: Save time and never a need to chop, slice or dice in...
  • Self-Cleaning: Add a little soap and water, your jar can clean itself...


  • Incredibly powerful 3-peak 1500W motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use touchpad interface
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 5 different speeds to choose from
  • Can be used for a lot of different things


  • It only has 4 pre-programmed cycles
  • The blender is pretty loud


What Can You Do With It?

One of our favorite things about this blender is how many working modes it has.

You can make smoothies, ice cream, soup, purees, and way more and we take a quick look at some of these uses in this section.

First things first, smoothies are a joy to make in this blender.

The high-powered motor processes fruits and vegetables in seconds to produce very healthy drinks that are perfect to start the day with.

Aside from that, you can also make really great cold drinks as the blender easily processes ice into snow or frozen fruits into nice cold drinks.

Obviously, you can also use this blender as a food processor of sorts.

So chopping veggies will be made much easier.

So expect to be making your famous salsa in a matter of minutes with this blender.

One big plus with the powerful motor is the fact that you can process tougher ingredients like nuts and spices.

So if you want to have full control of all the food you eat, you can easily make nut butter, nut milk, soy milk, which can be the key to living a much healthier lifestyle.

It should be no secret that a plethora of options will be laid out for you with a Blendtec blender, even more so with the Blendtec 575 Classic.

Settings & Programs

Using the Blendtec 575 Classic couldn’t be more fun.

It has an easy-to-navigate interface that controls all the settings and programs of the blender.

It comes with four different pre-programmed settings, but these programs work so well that we wish that it came with more.

The first program is the 60 and 90-second cycles.

This program starts at the slowest speed and slowly makes its way up then automatically shuts off.

This is a great program for making hot soups.

The next one is the smoothie setting.

The program is designed to process ingredients for smoothies efficiently to make thick, healthy, and tasty smoothies all automatically.

The machine also has a setting in which the speed slowly rises in five increments.

This is perfect if you want to control the output a bit more and the cycle can be stopped at any time.

One of the coolest features, however, is the clean setting.

To use this, put soap and water in the blender and watch the machine work its magic and clean itself.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a pulse setting that allows you to blast ingredients evenly and efficiently.

While we said earlier that we could use a couple more settings, these four programs pretty much have covered all your blending needs.


Blendtec has an innovative way of making its blades.

They use laser-cut stainless steel, which is about the standard for a blender of this price.

But the difference lies in the edge of these blades.

The reason these blenders can process a whole variety of ingredients with incredible ease is that they are blunt.

The blunt blades add extra safety to the blender as it’s highly unlikely that you’ll cut yourself while cleaning the blender if the blades aren’t sharp.

But another reason these blunt blades are great is because of how much better they can process ingredients.

They do it much better and safer than the thinner sharp blades, which is what puts this blender in the top tier.

Noise Level

The main complaint with this blender is that it’s a bit loud.

That’s mainly because of the high-powered motor on the machine.

That being said, the blender can be as loud as a drill.

But it’s fairly easy to tolerate since the blending cycles on the machine are short.

So you won’t have to listen to the noise for that long.

That being said, the noise is a bit much, but if you’re willing to shell out more money you can get the sound suppressor which does a great deal when it comes to cutting the noise.

Is It Easy To Clean And Disassemble?

The blade on the jar of this blender is fixed, so you won’t really need to disassemble the blender.

To clean it though, all you have to do is empty it, fill it with soap and water, then use the pre-programmed clean setting.

However, you can also just load it in the dishwasher since the jar is dishwasher friendly.

Or you can simply just wash it by hand since the blunt blades won’t cause you any harm while washing.

All in all, a simple and convenient process.

Features And Specs

Here are the features that come with the Blendtec 575 Classic.

– 3.0 peak, 1725W motor

– Four program settings

– 5 speeds

– Pulse setting

– Touchpad Interface

– 13 amps, 120 volts

– 7”x5”x8” dimensions

– 7.28 lbs

– 90oz capacity

Can You Make Ice Cream With It?

can blendtec make ice cream

One of the biggest pluses of this product is its ability to slow churn.

That basically means it can double as an ice cream maker as well.

Simply load the ingredients and turn it on the slow churn setting and wait.

While it can churn ingredients to slowly turn it into ice cream, it’s important to note that this machine is not a dedicated ice cream maker.

That simply means that it doesn’t cool down the ingredients while churning it as a dedicated ice cream maker does.

That being said, the Blendtec 575 Classic’s ability to make ice cream is still something that isn’t present with a lot of blenders on the market, which puts this blender a tier above the rest.

Overall Customer’s Feedback

Finding a Blendtec blender with a sea of negative reviews is a pretty tough task.

That’s simply because these blenders can do all their advertised to do and more, especially the 575 Classic.

One visit to the review section of Amazon and you’ll see that almost all the customers who bought the product were very satisfied with it.

One of the top reviewers simply stated that this is an incredibly well-built and well-manufactured product.

Another review left on the Amazon page came from a person who has had not tried “high-end” blenders up until that point.

And if your first blender from that tier is a Blendtec, there’s no doubt that you’ll end up satisfied.

The reviewer went as far as to say that the Blendtec 575 Classic has completely changed the way that a person looks at blenders.

Other satisfied customers also added how this blender performs so well that other blenders in the same range simply don’t compare.

But we’ll get to that later.

All in all, most of the customers who have purchased this product have remained happy and satisfied with what the blender can do, how it performs, and all the options it opens up in the kitchen.

The Blendtec 575 Classic Vs. Other Models

In this section, we take a look at how this product stacks up against other blenders in its price range.

Blendtec 575 Vs. Blendtec Total Blender

It would be fitting that one of the blenders that’s a fair comparison to the 575 is another model from the same brand.

They are pretty similar in most respects, as they both have four-sided, BPA-Free jars, a digital touchpad, and a bunch of preprogrammed cycles that make blending much easier.

The 575 requires a bit more power than the Total Blender, which indicated that the 575 is slightly more powerful than the Total Blender, but the difference is very small.

The real difference lies in the blades.

The 575 only uses a single stainless steel blade while the Total Blender uses a double.

This doesn’t add too much of a difference since both the blenders have similar motors and designs, but for those who want a bit more of a kick with their blender might want to consider the Total Blender.

But putting into mind the price and all the features, the 575 is a sweeter deal.

Blendtec 575 Vs. Blendtec 570

As you can probably tell from the names, these two models are very similar.

They come from the same series, which means that they share a lot of features.

Both blenders have the same motor and same dimensions, which is why some people tend to mistake these two separate models as the exact same one.

However, the difference lies in the programs.

As mentioned earlier, the 575 comes with four different pre-programmed cycles that are very useful.

On the other hand, the 570 only comes with two.

This still makes it a highly functional machine, but the two extra programs on the 575 ultimately give it the edge in this matchup.

Blendtec 575 Vs. Blendtec 625

The 625 model of Blendtec is generally a more high-end model than the 575, but it does come with a steeper price tag.

The first difference you might notice with these two blenders is the jar.

The 625 uses Blendtec “Wild Side” jar, which has an extra side to it, compared to the one on the 575 which only has 4 four sides.

This extra side makes blending a bit smoother as compared to the 575.

While they share a similar interface, 575 only has 5 different speed settings to choose from while the 625 has six different speeds to choose from.

This gives you a little bit more control over your output and also gives the 625 a slight edge.

However, the 625 is a bit more expensive so make sure to think twice before making the choice.

Blendtec 575 Vs. Vitamix 5300

This is the first inter-brand comparison we’re doing in this article, and the two products chosen make up a pretty fair matchup.

At first glance, these two models look very similar to the black design and touch interface, but the real difference lies in the performance.

The Vitamix model has multiple blades while the 575 only has one, this gives the Vitamix a slight edge.

However, the Vitamix 5300 does not come with any pre-programmed settings, which means you have to do everything manually.

Some people prefer this since it gives them more control, especially if you’re using it for a cafe or restaurant.

But for simple home use, the pre-programmed settings on the 575 add a lot of convenience to the daily grind.

Blendtec 575 Vs. Vitamix 4500

Vitamix and Blendtec both sit on the top of the blender market right now, so it’s just about fitting that these two brands are compared.

The biggest and most noticeable difference between these two blenders is their size.

While both blenders are designed to be counter-top machines for home use, the Vitamix model is a bit larger.

The Vitamix 4500 stands 20” high, which is 5 inches taller than the 575, and it also has a slightly larger base.

This is great for those who want more quantity in their blender.

But sometimes having a smaller blender makes things much easier, especially if you don’t blend huge batches often.

The choice between these two models will all depend on what you need from a blender.

Blendtec 575 Vs. Vitamix 750

These are another pair of blenders that are very similar.

They both use BPA-free jars, which is a great plus on its own.

However, the Vitamix 750 is larger and generally more heavy-duty than the 575.

That means that if you’re going for a blender that’s going to be put under heavy use often, it might be best to go with the Vitamix model.

However, for home use and family use, that might be overkill, which makes the Blendtec 575 a better choice for those who are going to use their blender mostly just at home.


It’s no secret that the Blendtec 575 is a top-quality blender.

It comes with a great warranty, it’s well made, and it makes blending fun and easy.

This is truly a model that can handle all your home-blending needs with ease.

So if you’re looking for a durable, high-powered, and multi-functional blender to make home cooking and eating healthy easier on you, then you should definitely put the Blendtec 575 Classic on your list.

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