Can Meat Grinders Grind Bones? The Truth About It

A lot of meat grinders are available in the market and do a very good job in mincing meats.

Even the cheapest one available will be able to help you with your ground meat needs. But have you ever wondered if these machines can also grind bones?

In case you are thinking, why would someone grind bones?

I believe that there are still enough safe foods for human consumption in the world, but this one is for our dear pets. Cats and dogs get more nutrients and calcium from animal bones.

It needs to be ground to ensure that it will be easier for them to eat, than giving the whole bone.

Can Meat Grinders Grind Bones?

Yes, meat grinders can grind bones.

But it will depend on the power of the meat grinder. Most manufacturers may not indicate if it is safe to use in bone grinding, as animal species may differ in size.

Bones could be large enough and can permanently damage the appliance, especially the blades used.

What Do We Have To Check?

If you would like to process bone grinding regularly, you can buy the highest wattage available.

This would mean that the machine will be powerful enough to crush bones easily. Take into consideration the blades that are used by the machine, as it may be not recommended to use with bones.

Bigger meat mincers such as 22 and 32 can easily grind bones.

Well-known manufacturers also include horsepower rating as some buyers use it to assess the power of the machine. The higher the horsepower, the more powerful the motor is.

You will witness how easy it is for high-powered meat mincers to grind large bones such as chicken legs and turkey necks!

Some machines also have interchangeable blades that can upgrade the capabilities of the machine.

It is better to ask a local dealer to check what is the best accessory or blade for this task. If you are planning to buy online, inquire more details with the seller.

Video reviews are also available online to know more about the product. As always, it is recommended to buy in authorized resellers to ensure quality and authenticity.


To give a heads up, bones that can be processed in a meat grinder can only be from chicken (and some poultry animals like a duck) and rabbit.

Bones from a turkey can already be considered hard, and the same goes with pork, beef, and lamb. Cooked bones are also harder than raw ones.

It is also important to note that bones should be processed cold for better results, and never use if frozen. The machine will feel like it’s a rock and can cause damage to the machine and serious injuries to the user.

You may also measure the thickness of the bone by the use of your thumb. Anything bigger than a thumb may break the appliance.


Honestly, some cats and dogs don’t want to eat ground bones.

It is best to mix them with their normal food, which will give them a natural source of minerals and calcium. If you have pets, you can give them more nutritious and protein-rich meals by owning a meat grinder at home!

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