How Much Are Old Meat Grinders Worth?

What would you do if you want to sell your old meat grinder that is no longer serving its purpose or because it is manual and you have already purchased an electric variant? The worth of old meat grinders isn’t much. It’s anywhere between $10 to $30.

Where To Sell Your Old Meat Grinder?

There are many options if you want to list your meat grinder for sale like you can find a buyer by word of mouth, use classified ads, or put your meat grinder in a garage sale.

Let’s take a look at the few options that actually work.

Classified Ads

In this age of internet dominance, when everything is online, print newspapers are working hard to keep themselves rolling. No matter what, they are still out there making an impact. You too can benefit from this impact and place an advertisement for your old grinder.

Garage Sales

Garage sales are a classic American tradition, gaining more popularity these days. It is a no-fuss way to sell your unwanted items on a Saturday. You can also check various yard sales as many folks make their way to snap bargains.

Used Appliances Store

You can contact such stores as they buy, refurbish and resell old appliances. There are many to choose from, ranging from small independent shops that just rank above junk dealers, while there are many that operate as chains nationwide dealing in old and used inventory. Though you may not get much here, still something is better than nothing.

Scrap Metal Dealers

These are dealers that deal in scrap metals for recycling purposes. Appliances are made primarily of steel. It is a viable option to sell your item to a scrap dealer especially if your meat grinder is not working well or not working at all.

Friends And Family

While this isn’t a feasible option, you can still consider it before selling your meat grinder to a stranger. By simply asking around, you can open the door for a needy person. You may not get a good price, but at least you will be satisfied that you helped a friend, family, or neighbor.

Online Sites

Previously eBay and Craigslist dominated the online classified market, but now the options are multiple. Some will charge you a nominal fee, while others just take transaction fees. Even Facebook markets are doing the job well, so you can benefit from any one of these to liquidate your grinder.

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