Is It Better To Cook Burgers In The Oven Or On The Stove?

Cooking on the stove may seem a traditional idea but it has a fun element that is missing in the oven. However, both ways have their own charm and no one can decide whether it is better to cook the burgers in the oven or in the stove. However, the simple and the easy answer to this question can be:

It is easier and better to cook the burgers in the oven when you do not have any experience in cooking and all you know to do is to set the cooking time and let them cook on their own in the oven. On the other hand, if you already have mastered the skill of cooking the burgers on the stove, you can go with that as well.

Our today’s discussion will be around this topic in which we will consult from the expert burger makers and see what they prefer.

Opinion #1:

This question is answered differently on different platforms, so let’s have a look at the review of one of the people who was asked the same question on the internet.

Stovetop. I have honed my burger craft over the last three years, and have experimented with every cooking type imaginable, from stovetop to grill to smoker to deep fryer to even sous vide. I have found what works the best is the aforementioned cast iron skillet on top of the stove. Why?

Because of the even heating, and heat retention than cast iron gives you. Another bonus is that the fat does not go anywhere like a grill. The grill grates cause the burger to lose so much juice down into the fire, whereas the skillet, all the fat pools around the burger, and essentially shallow fries the crust. You will never get a burger as juicy as one cooked in a skillet, period. The broiler may seem like a good thing but it is not. The stovetop will allow the burger more than enough heat and you can control the process a lot better than the broiler. As for the actual cooking process, well, that is another question entirely.

Opinion #2:

Another cooking expert says:

Definitely on the stove and I like to use my cast iron. Super hot pan, 4 minutes to get a great crust, flip, add the cheese, cover and after two minutes (again the crust) turn off the burner for three minutes more, rest. Perfectly done. My (11-year-old) son prefers my cheeseburgers over any restaurant!

Opinion #3:

An 80/20 mix of lean to fat is a great way to error-proof your cooking. On the stovetop, in whatever your trusty frying pan maybe will work great. Just remember two things-

  1. Less handling, barely pressing the patty together while the meat is still very cold will help keep the fat from activating which makes your burger less chewy. A good coating of salt and pepper will add flavor, do both sides!
  2. Lay your patty on the hot pan (350 degrees is perfect) and leave it alone! Once the protein cooks it will release from the pan and have a perfect sear. Flip and do it all over again. Don’t press, smush, or squeeze. Enjoy that juicy burger!

Opinion #4:

Stovetop – preferably cast iron that can get relatively hot and get you a good crust on the outside. If you like our burger rare – medium give grinding a shot. You can get a nice hand grinder easily and mix Equal parts chuck and sirloin (or any mix of fatty and rich vs very meaty like flat iron) and 1 tsp kosher salt per 1 lb of meat. You won’t have the worry of foot-borne illnesses associated with ground beef. Good luck!

Conclusion – The stove is a winner

Instead of relying on theoretical knowledge, we have consulted the people who have very good knowledge about the variety of options to create the burger and now we can say that the stove is the winner. This traditional method has won the hearts of the people and they love making and eating home-cooked burgers that they make using the stoves.

Last Updated on May 3, 2021 by Fred