Is It Healthier To Grind Your Own Meat?

A germ can multiply to 8 million germs in mere 24 hours!

It’s direly needed to adopt healthy habits in this time when the pollution rates have enhanced to considerable amounts.

A bath a day sounds like a good idea, but it needs to be supplemented with other hygiene eating habits in order to be at the relatively safer end.

For instance, teeth must be brushed, nails must be cut, and ear wax must be removed.

In the COVID-19, you should be even more careful about what you are eating and how it is going to impact your health. And yes, like most health-conscious people, you should not be relying on the grinders at the butcher shops, nor you should eat in the restaurants. The healthy approach is to grind your own meat, so you should buy a meat grinder for this purpose.

Here’s How To Do So In A Healthy Way

Dealing with raw meat needs much more care as compared to the cooked meat.

So following these easy and simple steps will help you in getting the healthier ground meat that you can use to make any kind of variety as there is always more room for experimentation when you carry out grinding tasks in the home.

Clean everything thoroughly

You might be thinking that it is something obvious that you must follow for your home, the importance of washing and cleaning the meat doubles when you have to grind it on your own.

And yes, the cleaning process does not mean that you have to clean and wash the meat only.

Make sure to clean everything from the workspace to all the ingredients of the grinder.

Even if you have bought a new one, you should still consider cleaning all the equipment to ensure the removal of the least dust particle.

Moreover, also clean the bowl or the pan in which you pour the final products.

These are the basic cleaning ethics that you must keep in your mind while cleaning.

Freeze the meat before you grind it

Very few people know the fact that keeping it in the refrigerator for a few minutes is a great tip that will help you in getting great results in no time.

So before you start grinding, wash it and place it in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes.

You will notice that it has become a bit cold and is now responding very precisely to the knife.

So proceed with the finer, easier, and professional chinks before you introduce it to the grinder.

As we know when you have the grinder right in your home, you have more room for experimentation and you enjoy having the fresh minced meat for the preparation of new dishes.

I personally use it to cook the meatballs and believe me, they turn out to be extraordinarily yummy when I cook them using the grinder in my home.

The biggest reason why you should freeze the meat before you grind it is that it will harden the fat content, so you will not be dealing with the molten fat at the time of grinding it.

Some recipes

After you have ground it, it is time to prepare the small meatballs or form patties for hamburgers.

However, you can freeze it in the freezer as such and create the recipes later.

I suggest you prepare the foods on the spot because the velvety and yummy texture will not come back.

Moreover, fresh mince is more nutritious and healthier than frozen meat.

Grinding the meat in the home gives you a chance to enjoy the variable thickness of the ground meat and you can have a lot of different recipes that will make your day.

In conclusion, I would like to say that grinding your own meat gives you the confidence that the maximum cleanliness level is attained and the final product is germ-free.

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