LEM Meat Grinder Review: Can It Be Your Ultimate Choice?

LEM is a very popular meat grinder brand on the market.

But why is this brand so popular?

What features do their products have?

Just spend a few minutes reading our article and you will find the answer soon!

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Brand Reputation

First, let’s talk about brand reputation.

To put in specific, LEM is one of the most famous brands that produce high-quality meat grinder devices. Having made more than 700 different products, the brand always gets trust from all families and restaurants.

And there are many reasons to explain why LEM is a trustable brand:

  • They always equip their machines with powerful engines that can trim through any kind of tough meat
  • Their appliances usually have compact styles to be suitable with modern kitchen decor
  • The company uses high-quality materials to limit fingerprints on its products
  • Their products always come with lifetime customer service and 5 years of warranty

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Major Features & Benefits of LEM Meat Grinders

Appearing with a lot of HP (HorsePower) options, the product shows its first advantage which is flexibility. Truly, if you need a strong cutting power, you can choose the model with high HP. On the other hand, you can buy the low HP one for typical cooking routines at home.

But generally, all the models have the same features. So no matter which machine you purchase, you will definitely be satisfied!

The first feature we like about this machine is its solid and dense construction. To make the series of LEM meat grinders, the company has to choose the highest material quality. Therefore, the machines can accompany you for a very long time. Unless you use them to cut a hard rock, they may have a chance to break. However, even in this case, the manufacturer still gives you a lifetime customer service and 5 years of warranty.

It may be hard to believe, but this product is such a monster in cutting meat. Combining a strong engine with a large neck, it can slide plenty of meat at a super high speed. In case you attempt to find another grinder that can cut meat stronger than this one, surely you will lose a lot of time and effort.

Despite the fact that the machine operates strongly, it will never make loud noise during work. The manufacturers seem to understand the needs of their customers. By lubricating the engines and improving grease formation, the brand has done really well in limiting the annoying sound their machines create.

As this product provides so many features and benefits, you can not expect a cheap price. Anyway, the LEM machines are still worth every dollar you pay for each of them. Who does not like a durable grinder with multiple features, right? So, don’t hesitate to pay some extra money for a high-quality machine.

Overall Customer Reviews

Overall, this LEM meat grinder received a good rating from customers on Amazon. With the vast majority voted high rating, this product has proven why it can attract a lot of customers all around the world. Right under below, we sum up the top review of the consumers for every LEM grinder model.

LEM #12

As this machine helps you save time for the raw meat preparation and portion the meat much easier, it is surely the best sidekick of a raw feeder!

LEM #32

Despite the heavyweight, this model operates really powerful that can help you complete cutting beef and deer meat in a short time! Besides, you get no problem to clean the device.

LEM .35 hp

This model works quietly and efficiently. In just 10 minutes, it can slide up to 11 pounds of meat! It is such a heavy-duty device!

How Does The Brand Compare?

Vs Cabelas

If you want us to compare the LEM appliances with the Cabela’s grinders, we would say that LEM gets the victory (comparing at the same HorsePower).

Having a super-strong engine, their models beat the Cabela’s ones at the grinding speed. That means you can trim more meat at a quicker time with Lem’s products.

On the other hand, LEM’s machines are usually lighter than their opponents. Therefore, you won’t need much effort to carry the device around.

Vs Weston

Putting the LEM meat grinders and Weston’s machines into comparison, we can see that each one has its own advantages.

When you buy a Weston product, you will have more options for the HorsePower of the machine. However, if you compare the device performance between LEM and Weston at the same HP, the LEM still takes the lead due to the fast grinding speed.

A good thing that we like about Weston appliances is that they are often equipped with a knife sharpener at the back. Due to this reason, whenever your knife gets dull during work, you can sharpen it conveniently in just a few seconds. On the opposite side, Lem’s models don’t have this feature.

Vs Carnivore Meat Grinder

It is really hard to find the winner between the LEM and Carnivore because each brand makes products to serve different purposes.

For example, LEM’s grinders often have a compact style and lightweight for easy transporting. In contrast, Carnivore’s appliances are designed with a complex construction to make sure for the user about durability.

Testing about the grinding speed, we have to say one more time that the LEM takes advantage. But on the bad side, this machine gets hot really quickly. Luckily, this case won’t happen with Carnivore’s models. The reason is, their products are often built with the Cool-Tek gel ice pack – a plastic pack that is applied to cool down the device during operation.


That is all information about the best electric meat grinder on the nowadays market.

Hopefully, this appliance can be suitable for your cooking life!

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