Meat Grinder Vs Food Processor: Which One Is Better?

Meat grinders and food processors are used by a lot of people for grinding meat, but how they differ? Let’s begin the comparison!

Can Food Processors Grind Meat?

Although they can also loosely grind and slice the meat, meat grinders are specially made for breaking down all the big pieces and fat and convert the chopped meat into a fine mince.

And that can be then used to make meatballs, sauce, and whatever recipe that calls for finely ground meat.

It only has a set of blades that can move and shred what’s inside it, but the fine texture is never achieved. There is also a possibility of over-grinding in a food processor if you keep processing the chunk for too long.

In a grinder, however, the texture is smooth and even which can even be compacted to make different shapes, like flat fritters or meatballs or anything else.

Cutting Blades

The difference between the cutting blades also makes a huge difference in how the meat is cut at the end.

The grinder comes with an attachment where there are several types of blades that squeeze the whole thing in a mesh-like attachment, which makes it come out in small strings, giving it the perfect texture.

The difference in the size of both appliances also makes the quality come out differently.

Why A Meat Grinder Is Better?

In a grinder, the meat only goes through the blades once, while in a food processor, it keeps going around the blade until you feel like it’s enough. This can lead to your meat becoming too pasty and not ground in a food processor. However, in a grinder, this is not the case.

In simple terms, there is more room for you to keep adding in the raw materials, whereas in a processor, only 3 sizes are available, either large, compact, or mini-sized processor, and depending on which size you have, you can have more or less control over how much you can put in one go.

Also, having a small food processor will not be good for making minced or ground meat, because it doesn’t allow room for the right maneuvering of the raw material through the bowl of the food processor. So, a meat grinder is better.

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