Recipes For Meat Grinders: Top Dishes You Should Know About

Meat grinders are one of the most underrated kitchen tools.

Perhaps due to readily available minced meat in the local supermarket or meat shop, a lot of consumers don’t realize the best reason why you should own one.

Most supermarket chains already have their minced meat pre-packed, and buyers don’t even know if it is fresh or safe to consume. The worst thing is it can be mixed with another type of meat.

Today, we will be featuring two recipes that you can easily create at home if you have a meat grinder or planning to get one.

This will ensure that the meats you have processed have met your standards and tastes great. Let’s get started!

Filipino Spring Rolls (Lumpia)

  • 500 grams of Pork Meat (with about 20% of fat)
  • 200 grams Carrots, peeled
  • 100 grams Red Onions, skin removed
  • Spring roll wrapper
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Cooking oil for frying

Let’s cook!

  1. Chop pork meat and carrots into cubes that will fit on the meat grinder tube. Prepare a bowl to catch the processed meat.
  2. Alternatively place meat, carrots, and onions into the tube. Cover with the stomper and turn the machine on. Continue until everything is finished.
  3. Season with salt and pepper while mixing. Best if done with clean hands!
  4. Get a spring roll wrapper and scoop a spoonful or two of the seasoned mixture. Roll the wrapper and seal the edges with water or egg wash once done.
  5. Deep fry the rolls until golden brown. Best served hot with ketchup!

The Classic Homemade Burger

  • Chuck Steak Beef or Sirloin (with 30% fat)
  • Hamburger Buns or Potato Buns
  • Fresh Lettuce
  • Tomato Slices
  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

And here are the steps to follow:

  1. Cut Beef into cubes that will fit in your grinder. Place it in the freezer for 1 hour.
  2. Take it out from the freezer and place it on the meat grinder. Prepare a cold bowl to catch the meat.
  3. Turn on the machine while carefully pushing the meat with a stomper.
  4. Season minced meat with salt and pepper, then mix thoroughly.
  5. Once all done, shape the patties and place them in a tray. Place it in the freezer for 10 minutes before frying or grilling.
  6. Toast sliced buns. Add a swirl of mayonnaise on one slice, and place cooked burgers with mustard on top. Add in lettuce, tomato slices, and ketchup before closing it with the other half of the bun. Enjoy!

(Tip: Replace ketchup with Sriracha for an Asian and spicy twist, or replace mayonnaise with a creamy ranch dip for another level of flavor!)

These recipes will ensure the cleanliness and freshness of the meat used, knowing where your meat is coming from, and with the use of your meat grinder at home.

This will ensure that you and your family get the best and consume preservative-free meats all the time, instead of buying frozen ready-to-cook items that may contain chemicals and artificial ingredients.

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