STX Meat Grinder Reviews for the STX 4000: Should You Buy it or Not?

Do you know what is the biggest benefit of using an at-home meat grinder?

It is that you can lower your expenditure on processed food and reduce your consumption of dangerous additives commonly used to preserve it and give it extra taste. Even better, you know what your food contains and create your recipes.

There are thousands of choices out there to pick from. But one of the most powerful and highly-rated is the STX 4000 produced by STX International. If you’re still looking for more information about it, then read this STX 4000 meat grinder review to find out.

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About STX International

The brand is one of the familiar names to consumers when shopping for kitchen appliances. Every year, this brand always releases its new products with different characteristics to meet the need of the customers

The most outstanding product line of STX International receiving positive appreciations is meat grinders.

There are many different types, prices, features, and benefits, depending on your needs that you can choose one. Typically, it has to mention the STX 4000, the best product based on its features, benefits, and versatility offered.

STX 4000 Review

In many reviews, this product is rated as the perfect choice for a home meat grinder.

Being produced under the reputation of STX international, this product has numerous outstanding features. It presents a color combination of either black or white with chrome accents, making it much easier to match your existing kitchen appliances.

The product parts are made from high-quality materials making them extremely strong and highly durable. In the package, there are three stainless steel cutting blades, six grinding plates( 5 sizes of Grinding plates and 1 Beaner plate for stuffing sausage), a set of 3 sizes sausage tubes with the Adaptor, and a Kubbe Attachment, etc.

The three stainless steel cutting blades are manufactured from 304 stainless steel, which is highly safe for the user’s health and easy to clean after use (in a dishwasher or with liquid washing detergent and towel-dried).

With a diverse set of 6 grinding plates, three sausage tubes, and a Kubbe Attachment, this machine can easily create your sausages and Kubbes in different sizes and thicknesses. Besides, you can grind soft bones and raw meat to create a BARF diet for pets( soft bones such as chicken bones, squirrel, rabbit bones ).

In general, this one can operate from 600 watts and feature up to 2000 watts of peak grinding power with 3 Speeds (High, Low, Reverse), allowing it to grind even the toughest types of meat without generating too much noise and congestion while grinding. This machine can grind 110 to 140 Lbs of meat per hour at low speed, and on high speed, 175 to 225 Lbs of meat is what this “beast” can do in just an hour.

Moreover, the patented “Quad Air Cooling” is engineered to keep this grinder’s motor as cool as possible at whichever speed it is functioning that helps lengthen the life of this product. Besides, it also includes a foot pedal for the “Hands-Free” operation. This function is especially handy for users to stuff sausages.

Lastly, we do not forget to remind you to consider the price of the machine. Feel secure! You will not pay too much because it is extremely affordable.

Overall Customer Reviews

Most meat grinder reviews from customers are positive. It is noticeable that people have purchased this model and appreciated what this product brings. In general, it offers a wide range of functions meeting the various needs of most customers, such as stuffing sausages, grinding meat, preparing Kobbe, and even creating food for pets.

The durability of this product brought by its materials is another plus point in the user’s mind, giving it an edge compared to other choices on the market.

Besides, this grinder can process many kinds of ingredients such as soft bones, vegetables, raw meats, and other supplements. Hence, users ranked it as one of the most adaptable meat grinders on the market.

LEM vs. STX – Which Brand is Better?

Are you used to being wavering LEM vs. STX meat grinder, not knowing which is the better choice? So, let us show you.

On the market, LEM is another brand that specializes in producing kitchen appliance mix. In its production mix, a meat grinder is one of the high-rated product lines.

When putting LEM and STX International in comparison, one striking difference between these two brands is their products’ performance. The LEM products seem to be more sturdy when dealing with hard material, while STX shows its superiority when it comes to softer ingredients.

Moreover, LEM focuses more on serving commercial purposes.

So if you are looking for a large-scale meat grinder, LEM seems to be more suited. And if you need a home solution, STX is a better choice.

Another difference is the price between the two brands. Specifically, LEM sells its products at much higher prices. However, most LEM products’ warranty time is often five years- 2 years longer than many STX products.

Finally, the weights of LEM meat grinders are usually heavier than those of STX International.

3 Alternatives You Can Pick

Turboforce 3000

Those who saw the 3000 Turboforce meat grinder reviews will know that it is considered as the “son” of the STX 4000 as it follows the same design concept. Besides, this model 3000, at a lower price compared to model 4000, can also handle many types of ingredients, making it convenient for users to process their food.

Sunmile SM-G50

The Sunmile SM-G50 consists of big gears and gearboxes to minimize the pressures of grinding all types of meat. As with others, this model also features a safety switch and a circuit breaker to prevent motor burnout. The product can be used to make sausages and other meat products as well.

LEM #8 .5 HP

Another option for you is LEM #8 .5 Hp. This model is an at-home one that is engineered to make delicious sausage and other meat products, and the warranty for this product is five years, which is longer than most on the market.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this review has provided you a comprehensive outlook on STX 4000 and some crucial points about and the differences between 2 brands- LEM and STX.

However, the recommendation does not apply to all of you because your buying decision depends on your financial situation and your user’s status. Hence, it would be best to consider these conditions to decide what meat grinder you are going to purchase.

Thanks for reading!

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