Where Are LEM Meat Grinders Made? Are They Made In The US?

These LEM meat grinders are based in the states of West Chester and Ohio in the USA. They are manufactured there and sent off to different states all over the USA and Canada with over 800 products. They have about 3500 retail stores all over the USA and Canada.

The LEM meat grinders are the perfect choice for you if you like minced meat. You want it finely ground and chunky at the same time. The reason people are happy with the product is because of the quality of the machine itself and how easy it is to take apart. The parts can be easily assembled even if you have no previous experience with these sorts of machines. They are helpful in every way. The blades that have been used are premium quality stainless steel that won’t break for a long time.

As people nowadays are looking for quick and rapid solutions and results they don’t like to stand and wait. LEM company meat grinders understand your concerns and comply with you. They can easily and quite rapidly push your meat out the full ground to the grain. It can be a bit noisy but that’s a given considering how strong or powerful the motor is.

How long it takes to grind you ask? Of many customer reviews, one of the reviews that were given by a hearty customer was that they brought in 20 pounds of meat, and to grind all that it took just 10 minutes. If you are a fan of minced meat then this product is just the thing you want. On the other hand, if you are a fan of sausages then there is no need to worry about it there too.

It can make perfectly minced sausages for you to try and this is very important to some people because they don’t know what their sausages are filled with. When you make sausages yourself you will know what you are putting in them.

The price is just right for this product. It offers stainless steel blades as I have mentioned earlier and when looking at it you may find that its plastic body may deter it from its function that is making it weak but that is not true, with this product’s value and sturdiness you don’t have to worry much. You will be content with the purchase of this product just like the thousands of other customers are.

The most notable features include the ability of the machine to be easily assembled and disassembled, and easy to clean. The other great thing about this machine is the ability of its reverse gear. The reverse gear button in this machine can help you to de-choke the machine by pulling the meat back.

Unlike the other machines which will stop at the cartilage or small pieces of bone that are very likely to enter the food even if you are very careful. So this machine will take care of that too you don’t have to worry much and just sit back and relax.

All together this product is very amazing and can make your day much shorter if you want to make hamburgers or other forms of food that need minced meat. They are made and assembled in West Chester and Ohio, USA.

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