Where Are STX Meat Grinders Made?

STX International is well-known for quality motor products and keeps on introducing the latest automatic features in the STX models. Though STX manufactures a wide range of electric products, their meat grinders are second to none.

So, if you are also in search of STX meat grinders, and are actively looking for the best choice, you should consider these USA-made products by STX International.

Here you might be wondering,

Can I still buy them if I am tight on money?

The answer is YES.

Because today we will guide you about the US-made top grinders, but will also guide you about the cost-effective options.

US Made STX Grinders

  • STX Electric Meat Grinder, Altra 3-IN-1 Meat Mincer & Food Grinder & Sausage Stuffer with 3Lb High Capacity Meat Tray, is the USA-made top meat grinder that is completely manufactured in the USA including all of its parts. It has two blades of variable sizes that allow you to grind the meat with two different thicknesses.
  • STX International” Gen 2 -Platinum Edition” Magnum 1800W Heavy-Duty Electric Meat Grinder is another US product that comes up with a high-capacity meat tray that can accommodate 1.5 kg of meat and has 3 S/S blades. Moreover, it has 3 sausage tubes and 1 Kubbe maker.
  • STX Healthy Meat Grinder is a relatively inexpensive grinder that you can find at Amazon and other online stores. You can also purchase it through the market and can save on the shipping fees.

Why You Should Go For These Machines?

STX International’s Sales/Service/Parts & Distribution Center is located in Lincoln, NE – the USA and is getting immense popularity by providing plenty of features. Whatever the quantity of the meat is, you can grind it using STX grinders in no time. The best part is they are available in a variety of sizes and you can choose any of them based on your unique needs.

Another reason that makes STX an unbeatable brand is that many professionals are working behind STX and provide instant solutions to the problems. This company not only manufactures meat grinders but also makes a whole set of accessories.

Though some people think that the cleaning process is quite difficult, if you follow the instruction manual, you can understand how to assemble and disassemble the parts together. If you know how to clean the STX grinder, you will need only a few minutes for this purpose.


As discussed earlier, these grinders are made in the US, but the sad fact is that the manufacturer does not ship to international locations.

Final Verdict

The immense popularity of the STX Meat Grinders has provided that they are second to none. Though they may appear a bit more expensive than other similar grinders, STX grinders worth every penny. However, you can only take advantage of this opportunity if you are based in the US.

An STX meat grinder can turn out to be a very decent purchase that you should keep in your kitchen.

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