Who Makes Kitchener Meat Grinders? Where Are They Made?

These meat grinders are made in the United States of America and they provide thousands of households with what they need every time they are in the kitchen. The Kitchener Company is a large company that makes sure that they provide the customers with exactly what they want and have never disappointed the customers.

They are crucial items for both households and restaurants. They can be important in the sense that they have several features that must be present all the time. They have several parts such as a drawer, grinder head, and all the essential parts. These can be assembled and disassembled at any time for the sake of convenience and ease.

Each part has a specific function that they must perform and for that, they have been designed in a very intuitive manner. The first part of the machine is the motor that provides enough force that can make any and all meats ground to the fine level. The motor is the most crucial part because not only does it allow the meat to come out quickly it also is ground nicely.

The grinding gears that are used are made from steel and function to transport the force along the shaft of the rotator that eventually pushes the meat out of the grinder. It is through these gears that the speed is controlled.

The handle is the unique part of the machine that makes the machine easy to handle and fix on one part of the table or slab. This is crucial because sometimes the grinder may not be stable and may be wobbly. Therefore to stop that from happening the base and the handle is made strong and sturdy so that the grinder doesn’t wobble.

The notable features of the machine can be used to help the people using this machine a lot. The motor used is a 550-watt motor that minces meat almost rapidly. The machines that are provided by Kitchener are also fitted with a circuit breaker that protects the motor from getting burnt out from inside out in an unfortunate circumstance such as high voltage.

Aside from the actual product the company also gives out a pan for your meat and different sizes of cover end in case you want meat ground to different levels. These can be very important because not only does it save the customers’ time and hectic it also gives the customer a feeling that the company cares about them even though they do not meet them.

Now to the pros and cons of the product


The machine comes at a very affordable price and can be used by households of all statures. The other great thing about this machine is that it can be easily assembled and disassembled this helps the customers in keeping the parts clean. The motor is very strong and can be used to mince the meat at a very nice speed and in an almost perfect manner.


There are no issues as far as the majority of the customers said but there have been some issues with a small number of customers and that is purely due to the random error.

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